Linsford Park School




Linsford park Elementary School’s mission is to ‘Build Healthy, Inclusive Relationships and Academic Competencies’.  This coincides with Black Gold School Division’s mission to inspire success in all students and staff.  District wide core values include: Student-Centered Learning; Fostering Positive Relationships based on respect and trust; Creating an Inclusive Environment that values diversity and is supportive and safe for all; Inspiring Engaged Learning (Passion); Managing Resources Responsibly.


School Profile

Linsford Park offers educational programming to approximately 230 sudents in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, through to grade six.  While some of our students live in the Linsford Park area, many are also bussed to us from the west side of Leduc and from rural areas west of the city.

While we strive to offer near to normal programming amidst the ongoing pandemic, we are not offering Nondenominational Christian programming at this time.  Normally this program is offered to students whose parents choose for them to participate in weekly devotions and chapel, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter recognized as Christian celebrations.

For further information about our school programming and goals, please read our school’s Assurance Plan.